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The area of providing relief to debtors from creditors in a Chapter 7 petition or a consumer debt repayment plan in Chapter 13. Bankruptcy cases are filed in Federal Court. Our firm represents debtors, creditors, and third-parties in Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcies in Illinois and Iowa.

Civil Trials

The practice of law dealing with litigation of civil controversies in all areas of law before state courts, federal courts, administrative agencies and arbitrators. Civil trial law includes evaluating, handling, and resolving civil controversies prior to the initiation of suit.

Commercial Litigation

We provide assistance in the preparation and presentation of a lawsuit involving the legal rules and principles bearing on commercial transactions and business organizations. This area of the law is often times governed by the Uniform Commercial Code.

Consumer Protection

Our attorneys represent clients in enforcing laws and protecting the consumer from inferior, adulterated, hazardous or deceptively advertised products, and deceptive or fraudulent sales practices.

Criminal Defense

In most cases being charged with a crime is simply an allegation that you may have committed an offense prohibited by law. There are constitutional procedural protections granting your rights before you can be convicted of a crime. In a criminal case, your lawyer acts as to express your concerns to the court and prosecuting attorney, and to explain the charges filed against you. Your attorney, can explain or interpret documents, meetings, or hearings that may be needed to resolve your case. Your lawyer will investigate certain facts pertaining to a criminal case that are not allowed to be given to the defendant directly, without a court order. Sometimes a defendant will not actually be aware of certain facts which may prove he or she is legally innocent, or lead to an acquittal if taken to trial. Your lawyer can assess the facts, compare them to applicable laws and penalties to determine what strategy to use for your defense. Once you know your options you will feel more comfortable, and then you, in cooperation with our law firm can determine options and resolutions for the disposition of your case. This may be as simple as making court appearances without you appearing in court, so you can work, avoiding the possible loss of your job. Giving you the ability to make informed, knowledgeable choices will make being involved in the criminal process much easier for you.

Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage)

Our attorneys can assist you in obtaining a divorce, establishing paternity, and the custody, support, and property issues that will arise.

Dram Shop

Covers liability of establishments arising out of the sale of alcohol to obviously intoxicated persons or minors who subsequently cause death or injury to third-parties as a result of alcohol-related crashes. We defend establishments in cases arising out of the sale of alcohol to obviously intoxicated persons or minor who subsequently cause death or injury to third-parties as a result of alcohol-related crashes or other actions.


The Employee Retirement Income Security Act governs how pension and other health and welfare plans are administered.  Our attorneys represent various benefit funds throughout the Midwest.

Labor and Employment

The law of Employer-Employee relations. Our firm is prepared to assist employees and unions in their employment-related claims, including grievance disputes, arbitration and contract negotiations.

Personal Injury

Our attorneys can represent you in civil law cases designed to obtain compensation for injury to your person. The personal injury attorney usually tries to negotiate with the opposing party or their insurance company. If necessary, and if the attorney thinks you have a good chance of winning, the case may go to trial. The main concerns in a personal injury case are negligence and liability. Before you can collect an award, your attorney will have to prove that the defendant is liable. To prove liability, the attorney must establish negligence. Once liability and negligence have been established, the judge or the jury may award money to compensate for medical costs, lost wages and lost future earning as well as for pain and suffering.

Products Liability Law

The area of law focusing on the liability imposed on a manufacturer or seller of a defective and unreasonably dangerous product (see also personal injury law).

Real Estate Law

Whether you are buying or selling property, residential or commercial, we will guide you through to closing. Our attorneys are also registered title insurance agents if you are in need of a policy.

Social Security/Disability Law

We can assist those who, due to a disability, require a program of public provision for the economic security and social welfare of the individual and his or her family.

Traffic Violations/DUI

Traffic violations are a mix of regulatory and penal (criminal) offenses based on violations of state statues and city ordinances relating to the operation of vehicles. As in other non-traffic circumstances our attorneys will give you the ability to make informed, knowledgeable choices in reaching a disposition in your case.


Regulate the rights of others over one’s property or family after death. Arrangement of property (including real, tangible and intangible) managed by one person (or persons, or organizations) for the benefit of another.

Workers Compensation Law

If you have suffered an injury arising out of and in the course of employment our attorneys will work with the employer or insurance to reach an acceptable settlement. If settlement cannot be reached, the issues may be litigated.

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