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Interview with Carrie Clark, Attorney at McCarthy, Callas & Feeney, P.C., Rock Island, Illinois

Q.        Ms. Clark you have had some recent experience in handling some high profile cases.

A.        Yes, apparently they are getting some attention here.

Q.        So how do you handle dealing with the press?

A.        Well, I generally advise the client on what kinds of things that they should not be putting out there and let the client make a statement if they want to.  I do not generally feel the need personally to be the one with the microphone, but the clients often do.  Usually, if the press is in attendance at the hearing, there is something that the public is going to be interested in.  So the client would want to make sure that the press gets their side of the story.

Q.        Does the press often ask you for a direct quote?

A.        It has happened a couple of times.  At the hearing yesterday the reporters asked me to clarify legal issues so that they could understand what the Judge was saying so they could convey it to the public in their reporting.  So that is how I participated yesterday.

Q.        So if you talked to the press, is it more to educate the press or clarify what occurred in a hearing?

A.        Yes, to make sure that the legal issues are getting conveyed in a way that it isn’t in too much legalese so that everybody can understand what is going on and make it accessible.

Q.        If you were to advise your clients on what to say, do they know what they say can be used against them in court?

A.        It is possible, but unlikely.  Generally in a criminal case you don’t really want your client to make too many statements to the press about an ongoing case.  The only time I would let a client make a statement is in a case where the judgment or ruling by the adjudicator is already rendered so the statement cannot have any effect on the case.

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