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New Family Law Act

There is a new family-law act that attempts to streamline the divorce process. Public Act 100-0520 takes effect in June of 2018 and makes changes to the Code of Civil Procedure and the Illinois Dissolution of Marriage and Marriage Act (IMDMA). This new act focuses on...

Illinois Temporary Alimony

Can I get alimony while my divorce is pending? Leaving your spouse is a huge decision, and it comes with lots of financial fallout. Many people worry whether they’ll be able to support themselves on their own income, especially if they’ve been a stay at home parent....

Defending Credit Card Lawsuits

Do I need a lawyer if I have been sued by my credit card company? In Illinois, you can be sued in small claims court for amounts up to $10,000, so unless you have a very large credit card debt, it is likely that you are being sued in small claims court. While many...


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