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The law firm of McCarthy, Callas & Feeney, P.C., has been serving the legal needs of Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa residents since 1997. Located in Rock Island, Illinois, our attorneys represent clients in several areas of law.


Our primary practice areas are ERISA, Labor Law, General Litigation, and Probate/Estate Planning. Our attorneys are also available to represent clients in Family Law, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Workers’ Compensation and Criminal/Traffic/DUI defense. The attorneys at McCarthy, Callas & Feeney, P.C. are equipped to represent your interests and obtain results in a timely and professional manner.

Real Estate Installment Sales Contracts

Since the housing market crash in 2008, more and more people are choosing to buy on contract instead of seeking a traditional mortgage. What this means is buyers are choosing to live in a house while directly paying the seller a contract payment over time instead of...

Illinois Probate Proceedings

Illinois law requires probate proceedings in the event a parent passed away and she owned either any real estate or personal property of $100,000.00 or more.  However, if your mom passes away with no real estate and her other assets are less than $100,000.00 at the...

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